Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Under the Nile Organic Toys

Under the Nile manufactures more than 200 products ranging from bibs to toys, all using 100% organic Egyptian cotton carrying the USDA organic seal.  No pesticides or chemicals are used during the entire process, from growing the cotton to manufacturing the items.  Under the Nile is also proud to use only metal-free or vegetable dyes.  All toys manufactured by Under the Nile are stuffed with 100% organic cotton--not synthetic fluff.

One of the most exciting aspects of working with Under the Nile is knowing that the sale of their products helps to support the 13 Villages Project.  Taking place in 13 rural villages in Egypt, the 13 Villages Projects educates villagers on how to manufacture the fruit and vegetable line of toys by Under the Nile.  Villagers are able to remain in their villages to work and are given an advance for their work and to purchase materials needed to make the toys.  Under the Nile also provides health care and education and dental and overall health to the villagers.  

Recently, Under the Nile's fruit basket toy was featured in Baby Maternity Retailer magazine.    

We are pleased to carry the fruit basket at baby, naturally LLC, and let me tell you, it is ADORABLE.  We also carry the fantastically cute veggie crate.  What a fun way for your children to learn about fruit and vegetables.  And, knowing that they are made from 100% organic cotton inside and out, you can be at ease when they promptly stuff each one in their mouths (just as my son would do...pardon me while I remove that magazine cover from his chompers...).


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