Thursday, September 17, 2009

International Babywearing Week 2009

(My husband and son making quick work of the dinner clean-up)

We are gearing up to celebrate International Babywearing Week 2009 next week (September 21-28)!  Babywearing allows you to keep your baby close.  It allows you to move around the house and get things (like the mountain of laundry....) done, all without taking your eyes of your little one.  It works like magic (at least for us...usually...) to wind down a fussy baby or help them to fall asleep.  Wearing your baby means you don't have to haul the carseat into the grocery store.  You can breeze through the airport without worrying about your stroller.  You tune into your baby's needs because your baby is right there.  

Next week, I will be focusing on the variety of carriers available, and hopefully answer questions you might have about babywearing.  If you don't follow the blog, you'll want to be sure to do so because there may or may not be a babywearing giveaway planned!  Stay tuned!

This video was created for Babywearing International as a PSA for babywearing. You can visit Babywearing International to learn more about babywearing and International Babywearing Week 2009 here!

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  1. I love wearing my babies! it really does make life so much easier, and makes them so much happier. I haven't tried any back carrying positions yet, but am hoping to start when my BabyHawk Mei Tai gets here!