Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shine A Light: Support My Small Business!

I am so excited to announce that I have been nominated by my awesome husband for the Shine A Light award recognizing small businesses, sponsored by American Express and NBC Universal!  This award would be an amazing opportunity for me to help grow baby, naturally LLC and better serve the community.  How it works:  my husband submitted the nomination this evening.  It is now posted on the site and eligible for registered persons to "endorse" (basically, endorsing is the same as voting for...).  If I can reach 50 endorsements by September 13th, I am eligible to move onto the judging round!  From there, the top 3 businesses will be up for voting by the public, with the top business chosen in October.  Wow!  What a wonderful opportunity!  I am beyond excited about this, and am hoping you will be willing to help me reach the 50 endorsements by the 13th.  If you are, here is what to do:

Visit my nomination story HERE. (or click on the widget above...)
In order to endorse a story, you will have to register for an account (top right of the page, or click the blue "support this story, endorse now!" button on the left and you'll see links to either login or register...).  I realize that it is asking a lot to ask you to register for an account for the sole purpose of endorsing my story, so if you are uncomfortable with that, I understand!  But, if you can get past the whole having to register thing, here is what happens next--
1.  You'll log in.  
2.  If you need to, you can navigate back to my page.  You can also search for baby, naturally LLC in the nominee search box.
3.  On my story page, you will see a box near the top left that says "Support This Story, Endorse Now!".  Just click that, and you're done!  Please note that you are only allowed to endorse one business--once you've clicked the business you've chosen, you are blocked from endorsing any others.

If baby, naturally LLC does in fact reach 50 endorsements by the 13th, I will be completely humbled.  I am so excited to even be nominated!  Feel free to spread the word, too : )  

Thank you thank you for your support!


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