Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Product Line: Gritman Essential Oils

I am so pleased to have recently added a new line of natural skin care products to the shop. Gritman Essential Oils is a locally owned business here in the Houston area, operated by a personal friend of mine (Amy Laura), her mom (Meg), and Lou (maker of fantastic soaps and more). I have personally used Gritman products many times. When I was pregnant, Meg and Amy created a specialized EO blend just for me because of a strange rash (TMI?) that I developed and for which I was hesitant to use heavy medicated cream on due to the pregnancy. I also use their Sun Protection and No Fly Zone! on myself as well as on Lincoln. When Lincoln was still a newborn, we were fans of their Lavender Chamomile sticks.

In the shop, you will currently find the following products (click here to purchase):

Gritman Sun Protection

Tantrum Sticks

No Fly Zone!

Tea Tree Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

Lou's All Natural Soaps

Over the next few days, I will explain a little bit more about each of the products and share more about the benefits of essential oils.

For now though, how about a giveaway?? Can anyone remember the last time we had one of those? HAVE we ever had one of those? Since I can't even remember, it is definitely time.

I will be giving away 2 (yes! that's right! 2 winners!) bars of Lou's All Natural Soaps. I am currently using the Grapefruit Gingerlily bar, and it is wonderful. These soaps are handmade and use all natural essential oils. Fan-tastic!

To enter, please leave a comment below. Just for fun, let me know your current favorite drink. It is hot here in Houston, and I can barely keep myself hydrated, so I am always on the look out for a tasty beverage. I am currently on a cherry limeade kick. Homemade style with Simply Limeade and grenadine. Hello, delicious :)

I will choose 2 winners next Friday, June 18th in the evening sometime (after Lincoln goes to bed, of course...let's say 9:00ish). Good luck! (note: previous deadline was June 15th-the giveaway entry period has been extended!)


  1. I love a good sparkling soda. They sell them at a lot of coffee shops now. Yum! Love, Lindsay :)

  2. fruit smoothie with almond milk is so refreshing, no yogurt or other milk products needed!

  3. I've been really diggin Izze. I currently have some pomegranate in the fridge, but blackberry is my fav.

  4. ice cold water with a splash of knudsen nectar or juice.

  5. I am really enjoying Fresca these days, however we dont nurse as much and i dont worry about the artificial sweeteners like i used to. but another fave is rio red grapefruit juice with a healthy squeeze of lime (also great w/a shot of vodka)!