Monday, August 24, 2009

New Shipment: Under the Nile Organic Clothing and Toys

Recently added to baby, naturally LLC:  
Under the Nile Organic Clothing and Toys

The Under the Nile collection is entirely manufactured from 100% organic Egyptian cotton (all carrying the USDA certified organic seal).  I am proud to carry Under the Nile products as a part of baby, naturally LLC because off the work they are doing to help fight poverty in rural Egypt.  Working with the 13-Villages-Project (founded by Under the Nile president Janice Masoud), Under the Nile provides women from 13 rural Egyptian villages opporutunity to learn a trade and support their families through the manufacturing of the toy fruit and vegetable lines.  The women are able to complete the assembly in their own villages and homes and are able to continue to care for their families while at the same time providing for them.  baby, naturally LLC is excited to carry the the fruit tote and veggie crate, featuring products made through the 13-Villages-Project.  For more information on the 13-Villages-Project, please click here.  


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